What to Know Before Putting Up a Wood Fence in Sarasota, FL

January 5, 2023

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A wood fence in Sarasota is an excellent choice for virtually any property, especially residential homes. Wood fences offer a stunning aesthetic, added privacy, and noise insulation. You can also paint or stain wood fences when you need a fresh pop of color on your property.

However, you must consider a few details before choosing a wood fence. Some preparation beforehand ensures you’ll be happy with that fence for years to come! Also, remember that you can discuss your property’s needs with a fence installation contractor near you when needed. They can help you choose the suitable fence material and guarantee a sturdy installation. Do you need a wood fence Sarasota? Get in touch with our team to make it happen.

Get a permit before putting up a wood fence in Sarasota

In virtually every case, you’ll need a permit before putting up a wood fence on your property. While you might not like checking with the county, this process ensures a safe installation. Also, an approved plan provides you don’t install a fence on your neighbor’s property.

Additionally, the county might have fence height regulations that affect your installation. Putting up a too tall fence can mean taking it down eventually! Avoid this risk by applying for a permit before installing your fence.

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Clear the fence line before planning an installation

Some property owners neglect to clear their property before planning a fence. This can make installation more complex, and you might also end up with an uneven fence line. Also, you don’t want debris to fill up excavation created for a fence installation.

Lastly, remember to set down a fence line. This line also ensures a straight fence installation, which reduces the risk of the fence falling. Uneven fencing might start to lean on its own, especially in high winds!

A fence line also lets you space posts before you begin the installation. Consider spacing posts no more than 6 feet apart. This closer spacing means smaller panels, less likely to topple in a storm. This is a vital factor when planning a Sarasota wood fence!

Digging the holes for fence posts

Sometimes property owners neglect to leave space for gravel in the post holes. However, adding gravel is essential for keeping posts dry, preventing them from absorbing water from the ground. Additionally, that gravel provides a more solid base for the posts, reducing the risk of them toppling.

Also, even in Sarasota, you still want to install those posts below the frost line. This refers to the depth at which the ground freezes. Not installing the posts below that line risks having them heave and lift out of the ground.

When you’re ready for the fence installation, pour at least 3 to 4 inches of gravel into the hole and tamp it down. Next, mix concrete according to the package directions. Next, place the post in the hole and pour concrete around it six inches below the soil surface. Hold the position steady until the concrete sets, then fill the remaining excavation with dirt.

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Don’t overlook the rot board for a wood fence in Sarasota

A rot board or kickboard installs horizontally along the fence bottom. This board protects fence rails and posts from water damage. It also offers a finished look and helps keep animals from burrowing under your fence. Lastly, it helps keep fence posts in place even in high winds!

Don’t overlook a rot board for your wood fence installation. Doing so increases the risk of posts coming loose or toppling over in a storm. This board might add to your fence installation costs but can also mean fewer repair bills over time.

Will a fence increase property value?

A fence typically increases property values. Fences keep pets and children in the yard while helping to keep out intruders. They also offer privacy and help mark boundaries between properties. Also, a fence can create a stunning backdrop for landscaping features. A real estate agent or appraiser can provide specifics on how a fence might affect your property.

Sarasota Fence Company is happy to provide this information about putting up a wood fence in Sarasota. If you’re ready for a quality fence on your yard, call our Sarasota fence installation contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and price quote at your earliest convenience. Additionally, we can help you choose the right fence material for your property and budget. So call our fence contractors right now to to find out more or for your no-cost appointment!


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