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Are you discouraged with your current fencing system? Perhaps it is not holding up as it used to and you want to fix that! Our team of Sarasota fence repair specialists can help you out. We have been in business for a long time and have improved every type of fence known to man, such as picket, chain link, and plastic.

Is your fence on a residential, commercial, or industrial property? It really doesn't matter because we are seasoned in all areas of fence repair, replacement, and installation services. Rest assured that our team has the right tools and methods to get the job done right the first time.

Over the decades, we've honed our skills and developed repair protocols that work. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We want your fence to serve its intended purpose, and that is to provide safety, security, and privacy.

You can get started today by scheduling a no-obligation consultation and FREE estimate. We look forward to your call!

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Why is Professional Fence Repair so Important?

Fence post repair and many other related damages require the professional touch of a Sarasota fencing contractor. There are many components to fences that need to be considered during the repair process to ensure that the structure returns to a stable state. Here's why having your fence properly repaired matters so much:

  • Protects Your Loved Ones - If you're a parent of both human and/or fur kids, you know how important it is to keep them safely in the confines of your yard. A broken fence can be a significant security issue!
  • Keeps Predators Out - A hole in your fence means wild animals can get inside your safe space. Properly fixing fence damages decreases the risk of animals and unwanted people entering your yard.
  • Improves Curb Appeal - Nobody wants to drive by your home and see a dilapidated fence. However, repairing broken parts and adding a fresh coat of paint can really spruce the aesthetics up!
  • Become More Neighborly - Making sure your fence is up to code, looks great, and correctly marks off property lines will keep your neighbors happy. It also may deter them from reporting you to the Home Owner's Society.

There are many reasons to keep your fence in excellent condition, with #1 being security. However, if your fence is meant to protect your property, how can it perform well while damaged? It can't, and we can take care of that!


Don't Delay Sarasota Fence Repair!

It might not seem like a big deal at first, but the longer you wait to have your Sarasota fence repaired, the worse the problem will become. You don't want to get stuck with a higher repair bill than necessary, and delaying services can do just that.

Plus, dealing with a broken fence is never ideal because it puts your property at risk. For the homeowner, a hole in your fence or missing slates means stray dogs, burglars, and even nosey neighbors have direct access to your property.

That puts the safety of your children and pets in jeopardy. Do you have a compromised fencing system around your commercial business?

Vandals and thieves will have a heyday sneaking onto your property and taking what they please. Don't fall prey to any of these scenarios and get your fence fixed today. Please know that our team specializes in all types of fences, and yours is no exception.

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Broken Fence? No Problem. We've Got a Repair Plan in the Works!

The Sarasota Fence Company is your top-rated source for all things fencing. No, we aren't talking about the sword fighting sport. It would be kind of cool if we were, though! Anyway, our goal is to keep Florida fences standing tall and protecting properties as they should. If you suspect your fence has a problem, simply reach out to our staff for a FREE consultation.

We are more than happy to evaluate the damages and determine how they happened in the first place. Our repair style ensures that your fence won't have a repeat in problems. We're a fully licensed and insured company that takes every step to ensure a successful outcome. Whether we are repairing, replacing, or installing a new fence on your property, we guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with the results.

Are you interested in learning more about our company? Please check out our frequently updated blog for a wealth of information.



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We needed a privacy fence installation in Sarasota, and we needed it FAST! Sarasota Fence Company goes us on their fencing schedule right away. The new, high-quality, affordable perimeter around our property was just what we were missing. Thank you, Sarasota Fence Company!
- J. & S. Montgomery

Affordable Fencing Services in Sarasota, FL!

As a reputable fence company in the Sunshine State, we're happy to meet the needs of all residential and commercial customers. From installation to repair services, we've got them covered! Are you interested in access gates or privacy screens? You'll be happy to know that we have a plethora of options to choose from. Our team looks forward to serving you!

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At Sarasota Fence Company, we take great pride in constructing fences that supersede customer expectations. Tell our team what you want, and we'll make it happen!
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